About Us

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we aim to make extraordinary experiences that provoke the consideration of new perspectives and ideas. We prioritize questions over answers, and the discovery of possibility over the depiction of what is. This compels us to experiment with new forms and grapple with relevant questions of our time. We attempt to do this as generously as possible and have developed a unique collaborative process that favours the intuitive over the formulaic and thrives on the play between the imagined and the real.

We are co-artistic directors Alex McLean and Ben Stone, Anika Riopel (administrator), Susan Leblanc (artistic director emeritus) and Stewart Legere (associate artistic director). With each new project we attempt to do something we don’t know how to do and work with collaborators who bring new life experiences, perspectives or skill sets to the table.

We make shows for Halifax and for places far away, with the support of The Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Nova Scotia, and The Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, and Arts Halifax. Zuppa Theatre Co. is an affiliate member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT).

“They are always smart, interesting and entertaining, and they always challenge the company and the audience to look at things differently, to feel something new, to imagine another reality.” — Naomi Campbell, Luminato Festival, Toronto

“They’re a rare beast – a contemporary theatre company that makes progressive, intelligent work that manages to also be challenging without being alienating, funny without being silly, innovative without being gimmicky. I’m always intrigued about what they do next.” — Matthew Austin, Mayfest (Bristol, U.K.)

“A collaborative, highly physical, devising-based company whose performances defy categorization (easy or otherwise) . . . They are charting new territory.” — Bruce Barton, Canadian Theatre Review

“Seamless works that are at some moments hilarious and other times transcendent. This unique quality makes Zuppa Circus a leading company in the ‘ensemble theatre’ movement and simply a wonderful troupe to see.” — Raymond Bobgan, Cleveland Public Theatre

“The Supercity’s most innovative theatre troupe.” — Leslie Lowe, The Coast

“Going to see a Zuppa Circus show is like being a child playing make-believe: anything is possible and profound observations arrive like fireflies in the dark.” — Laura Graham, The Chronicle Herald