Zuppa Theatre Co. invites you to Seek Electricity!

How are audiences captivated, texts animated, theatres brought to life? What can an actor do to light up a stage?

Seek Electricity! is Zuppa Theatre Co.’s inaugural two-week workshop for excited aspiring actors. The result of more than a decade’s work together, our approach to performance combines physical and vocal training, a spirit of restless play, and precise work with text and action.

We are performers Ben Stone, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Stewart Legere, and director Alex McLean. We have taught extensively at universities, schools, and festivals in Canada, the United States, and Copenhagen, Denmark. We want every experience of the theatre to be electric and this begins for us with the enduring art of the actor.

Seek Electricity!
Monday to Friday
June 17-28, 2013
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Tuition: $600

To apply, email info@zuppatheatre.com with a note about yourself and why you want to take this workshop.

Space is limited. Housing assistance is possible for our-of-town participants.

Zuppa Theatre Co. creates original work for immersive theatrical environments, fuelled by inter-disciplinary collaboration and insatiable curiosity. We’ve won awards, played in old buildings and public parks, and at venues the world over, from Wales to Boston, Montreal to Vancouver.

Our latest creation, The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions, premieres at the Scotiabank Studio Theatre April 12-21, 2013.