This is Nowhere (Morecambe)


Coming in 2023.

The streets, buildings, public spaces, nooks and crannies of Morecambe are the stage. Guided by a phone app, participants search in the present, as they consider the past and witness a series of encounters that evoke possible futures. In the process, they contribute to a aspirational blueprint, unveiled at the culmination of the search.


“I was one of the people who took part in Zuppa Theatre’s This Is Nowhere performance. Honestly, it was one of the highlights of the year.” – Philip Moscovitch, Halifax Examiner

"Projects like This Is Nowhere will inspire the creation of more bridges, between artists, between communities, between activists, between citizens and members of all three levels of government, and between neighbours.” – Amanda Campbell, The Way I See It


The search begins on the streets, in the buildings, nooks and crannies of Morecambe in the autumn of 2023.