Vista – an app-guided walking tour in Torquay, UK

Vista is an app-guided walking tour and a window to another place.  Launching this fall in Torquay UK, it will take participants on a walk from the land to the sea, with stops along the way to take in specific views of the town and its surroundings. Is it an escape, or a sanctuary? Or perhaps just a view afforded when we step back and see things – even ourselves – from a distance. What does a view of a place contain, and what does it conceal? What makes a place healthy or unhealthy and what are the connections between Halifax, Nova Scotia and Torquay, Devon — two towns on opposite sides of an ocean?

Vista is an ambient walking tour that reflects upon such questions based on a series of interviews with health and planning professionals in Nova Scotia and Devon. It begins when you download an app onto your phone. It can be taken alone or in small groups.

Created by Zuppa Theatre and James Tyson. Written and devised with Kate Cayley and Andrew Burke. It is the latest in a series of Zuppa’s “ambient drama” projects: experiments with spectatorship to enhance attentiveness to a place’s histories, possible futures and ghosts.

VISTA at the International Agatha Christie Festival