Uncle Oscar’s Experiment is “beautiful, perplexing, hilarious, heartbreaking, grotesque” says Sea Legs Collective

Jen Ochej in her blog Sea Legs Collective reviews Uncle Oscar’s Experiment. Read “Uncle Oscar’s Experiment, presented by Zuppa Theatre Co.” below or on her blog,Sea Legs Collective.

We don’t often talk about non-music-specific stuff here on Sea Legs, and with good reason– we’re a music blog. However, sometimes something comes up that feels like it makes sense to talk about, and Zuppa Theatre Company‘s Uncle Oscar’s Experiment is one of those things.

Featuring some well-known and beloved Haligonian musicians like Stewart Legere, and The Heavy Blinkers‘ Jason Michael MacIsaac and David Christensen, not to mention lighting design by Jess Lewis (Dark for Dark), the show also has a huge musical component with lots of singing and choreography, and instruments ranging from acoustic guitars to piano to flute, among many others.

I saw Uncle Oscar’s Experiment on Tuesday evening, and I’ve been struggling ever since to come up with the right words. I still don’t have them. It was beautiful, perplexing, hilarious, heartbreaking, grotesque, and uplifting, and it left me completely speechless. Quite literally. I opened my mouth to cheer at the end as I clapped enthusiastically along with everyone else, and I couldn’t find a voice with which to do so.

I can’t really tell you what Uncle Oscar’s Experiment is about, and I don’t think I’d want to even if I could find the right way to explain it. It’s an immensely special production that I am so glad not to have missed. It runs through Sunday, with a performance each night and one also on Sunday afternoon. You can find all the info and buy tickets here. Trust me when I say you need to experience this one, friends!