The Debacle heads to Saint John, NB, and Montreal’s Festival TransAmerique

We are pleased to announce that The Debacle will be on the road in a few short weeks! First appearing at Festival TransAmerique in Montreal (May 29-31 at 7:00 pm) and then at the Saint John Theatre Company in New Brunswick (June 14-16 at 7:30). After its success with both the initial Halifax run and appearance at Nightwood Theatre’s New Groundswell Festival in Toronto, we are looking forward to sharing the show again. There is a twist with this run of the show however, or rather, a switch – director Ann-Marie Kerr and performer Susan Leblanc-Crawford are switching roles this time around! Ann-Marie will play the role of Margaret, as Susan is due to give birth to her first baby at the same time as the performances. We are really excited about this new challenge and are looking forward to the results!

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Under Ice
Prostrate and dishevelled, Margaret is surrounded by hundreds of Mason jars containing childhood secrets. She slowly opens them one by one, gradually letting go of the chaos that haunts her. Exhausted by grief, she clings to fragments of memories that evoke a family that has disappeared. She must go back in time, into the panic and terror of memory, and try to recall moments of lost innocence.

This broken woman is played by the actress and director Ann-Marie Kerr. Her mind founders, sorrow sets her adrift, but speech saves her from drowning. Both amusing and heartrending, she invites the audience to a ceremony full of sound and fury, distress and delight.

A powerful soliloquy that takes place in a room full of mementos symbolizing a life under glass that suddenly shatters, The Debacle draws up an inventory of fleeting moments and intense emotions. Very much alive, despite a death foretold.