The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions premieres April 12-21 in Halifax

Celebrating 15 years of evocative, dynamic, and utterly original theatre, Halifax’s Zuppa Theatre Co. will premiere their newest creation, The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions, April 12–21, 2013 at the Scotiabank Studio Theatre as part of the Neptune Theatre Open Spaces Program.

The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions follows a military translator as he returns to Halifax from Afghanistan to news of a family crisis. But then ordinary life happens: he revisits old haunts, catches up with family and friends, meets a schoolteacher from Texas and buys a new shirt. Framed by the trauma of large-scale conflict on one side, and personal loss on the other, unremarkable events take on great significance. The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions is a poetic, visually arresting theatrical mediation on life’s “spaces in between”.

This world premiere production features an elaborate set, by Katherine Jenkins-Ryan, of a miniature, present-day Halifax, and a complex video design, by Vojin Vasovic, that alternately magnifies small details and “zooms out” to provide a cosmic perspective.

Developed with Cleveland-based playwright Mike Geither, The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions stars Ben Stone, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Stewart Legere, and Zuppa Theatre Co. newcomer Katie Dorian. Directed by Alex McLean, with lighting design by Jessica Lewis, costume design by Leesa Hamilton, sound design by Brian Riley, and featuring an original musical score by Jason Michael MacIsaac and David Christensen, The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions reunites Zuppa Theatre Co.’s core artists and collaborators for the first time since the Merritt Award-winning Five Easy Steps (to the end of the world).

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