“Strong, warm performances, a thoroughly charming set” says Kate Watson of The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions

Kate Watson of The Coast reviews The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions. Read her review below or at The Coast.

There’s no doubt that lives are made up of moments mundane and momentous, but for the most part, plays are written about the latter. In The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions, Zuppa Theatre pushes out of that theatrical envelope by telling a simple story in a creatively complicated way. The show relies heavily on projections and sound, but unfortunately, on opening night many projections were askew, and sounds that should have been background noise drowned out important dialogue during a party scene. While these technical difficulties made it more difficult to become engrossed in the show, strong, warm performances, a thoroughly charming set and a storyline that has elements to which almost everyone will relate carried the day. There’s plenty to like about this intimate and inventive piece, but it’s not perfect. A lot like life itself.