Slowly I Turn is “a charming reflective piece” says The Coast

Kate Watson reviews Slowly I Turn in her article “The Stones shine in Slowly I Turn”. Read the article below or at The Coast.

The Stones Shine in Slowly I Turn: 

The smell of baking bread greets the audience as they enter the eclectically cluttered living room that serves as a stage for Zuppa’s latest envelope-pushing production. The show that unfolds there is part exploration of memory, part celebration of life, laughs and family and part thought-provoking meditation on aging and dying. The piece stars Ben Stone and his father John, who offer a window into their touching and sometimes turbulent father-son relationship as they sing, kibbitz, ruminate and remember. They speak candidly about death in a way that is tender and probing rather than morbid. Surprises abound throughout the evening, including a few old vaudevillian chestnuts and the revelation of some magical little worlds behind a velvet curtain. You’ll be both moved and entertained by this homey, charming and deceptively simple production.