Touring Shows

The Archive of Missing Things

“The Archive of Missing Things was founded in order to collect, catalogue and store all missing objects that are in the world. The Archive was built around a secret.” The Archive of Missing Things is a contemplative game that happens undercover in a library. Equipped with an iPad and a headset, you have 90 minutes…
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Pop-Up Love Party

What is love? Pop-Up Love Party reimagines Plato‚Äôs Symposium in its quest to define love with all its plagues and pleasures by employing aerobics, holding a kangaroo court, exposing audience passion, and pumping out an infectious pop ballad that will mend broken hearts around the world. Enriching this roller coaster ride through the depths of…
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How Small, How Far Away

It is the second week of summer 2010 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On Monday a military translator returns home from Afghanistan to news of a family crisis. On Friday his sister will host a surprise welcome-home party. In the meantime, ordinary life happens: he revisits old haunts, catches up with his best friend, meets a…
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