Past Shows

Five Easy Steps (to the end of the world)

It is the night of the end of the world, and three friends isolate themselves in the cluttered basement of a pawnshop. Determined to go out with a bang, they conjure an evening that is both a dance party and a painful meditation on the past, future and the ever-elusive present. “This is how we…
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Uncle Oscar’s Experiment

Felicity Luckless is cursed… or so they say. Everywhere she goes, she brings death… or so they believe. Felicity is placed in the care of medical maverick Dr. Oscar Smitthison-Burke and his strange manservant Gregory. The doctor is convinced there is a cure for Felicity’s malchance energies and will not rest until it is found….
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Tiny Vaudevilles: Two Short Plays by Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov’s The Bear and The Proposal. Written in the heyday of Vaudeville, these two Mini Farces, or Jokes in One Act, are fast-paced comedies full of preposterous situations and miscommunications, pratfalls, broken furniture, exasperation, fainting spells, and more. Drink-a-long with the characters! Each $5 drink-a-long ticket will get you 2 oz of Iceberg Vodka…
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The Debacle

Always A Bridesmaid… Since premiering in Halifax in April 2011, The Debacle was nominated for four Theatre Nova Scotia Robert Merritt Awards including Best Production; was one of only five nominees for the prestigious 2012 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award; and was awarded bronze in The Coast’s “Best of Halifax” Reader Survey….
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Poor Boy

Pop sensation Sherman Oakes has lost his lover, experimental art rock diva Ella Savant. Wallowing in despair, he sets off on a pilgrimage to the hotel in which she died with the music of an uncompleted album rattling in his head. He is pursued by a persistent manager, determined to see his superstar return to…
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The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions

Created with Cleveland-based playwright Mike Geither, The Attaining Gigantick Dimensions follows a military translator as he returns to Halifax from Afghanistan to news of a family crisis. But then ordinary life happens: he revisits old haunts, catches up with family and friends, meets a schoolteacher from Texas and buys a new shirt. Framed by the…
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Penny Dreadful

1863. Mice are gathering under the floorboards of a wealthy Halifax estate. In the servants’ quarters, Charlie is setting traps while Adelaide, the drunken scullery maid, has delusions of sainthood. The two servants become the fascination of their employer’s wayward son, home with stories of travels in strange lands. A love triangle develops driven by…
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The Zuppa Circus Open Theatre Kitchen

A wild theatrical feast, Open Theatre Kitchen is part comedy, part creation myth, part tragedy, part cooking show. It is the story of two chefs who live alone in a kitchen in a desert.  Desperate to combat their loneliness, they cook up the recipe of recipes, the flavour of all flavours… which takes the form…
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Radium City

In a future as far away as tomorrow, a scientist is about to discover the cure for time. But before he does, his daughter will die. And before he does, an architect will build a tower high enough to cast a shadow over all of history. And before he does, a man will step through…
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Between Wonder and Amusement Uncle Oscar was Silent

This is the story of a king. This is the story of a hunchback. This is the story of a scientist, his robot boy and the unluckiest girl in the world. Three stories rooted in three different theatrical traditions. A Greek tragedy about a war waged to combat famine. A morality play about a persecuted…
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The Door in the Wall

A late night break-in to a cabinet minister’s office. A dead body in a construction shaft. A mischievous janitor with a secret. Something unbelievable behind an elusive green door… Inspired by the H.G. Wells short story, The Door in the Wall was an intimate performance in a large playing space, featuring a five part a…
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Survivors of a dying city recount the story of Jonathan and Mina Harker and their fateful encounter with the brooding aristocrat Count Dracula. Inspired by the German films of the same name, Nosferatu is a meditation on love, desire and mortality. With three actors, three musicians and three ladders,Nosferatu featured the company’s first live musical…
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The Unnameable

The solo show by Zuppa teacher and inspiration Philippe Gaulier, performed by Ben Stone in drag.

Junk Zuppa

Piko the Brave is the under-appreciated servant of Marsha Slagmire, proprietor of the unsurpassed clearing house of trash: Slagmire’s Junk Emporium. Piko longs to escape the confines of the junkyard and when a space ship crash-lands one afternoon, he finds himself and his strange alien accomplice plotting a glorious escape. The Fourth Annual Street Theatre…
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Duck Zuppa

The Third Annual Zuppa Circus Street Theatre Extravaganza is a fast-paced stilt show for all ages. Fleur, the young magician, helps save Roland the Uberduck from the relentless profiteer Nigel Nettlesworth. Nigel hits the jackpot when he finds Roland’s nest and steals two of the Uberduck’s eggs. Fleur must cast a potentially hazardous spell to…
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The Sneetches

An Outdoor All-Ages Show for The Second Annual Street Theatre Extravaganza. The Sneetches was an adaptation from Dr. Suess. “There’s a star on thar!”

Nicholas Knock

An Outdoor All-Ages Show. This adaptation of the Dennis Lee story was The First Annual Street Theatre Extravaganza at The Summit Place Amphitheatre on Halifax’s Waterfront. Also the first appearance of the Honka Beast mask, but not the last.


A great modern play meets a newborn Halifax theatre company.