Vista20 (App)


Access Vista20 here. It is best experienced on a smartphone.

Vista20 is a 30-minute app-guided walking tour that can be done anywhere, anytime. You will need a smartphone (or tablet) and a set of headphones. It was created for The Mayworks festival of Working People and the Arts. Think of it as a short stroll during which you run into seven interesting people working in public health in Halifax during the COVID-19 crisis. It is an archive of their testimonies from April/May 2020.

“The theatre company leads you to yet another life-changing sight with a play that’s also an app.”
– Sam Gillett, The Coast

Vista20 is a new version of our earlier Vista app, created in 2019 by Zuppa Theatre Co. and James Tyson for the International Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay, England.


Vista20 was made by Zuppa Theatre Co. and Andrew Burke for the Mayworks Halifax Festival of Working People and the Arts.

It is an adaptation of Vista (2019), originally conceived by Alex McLean and James Tyson.

Featuring the voices of


Roetka Gradstein
Matthew Holland
Katrina Hurley
Henk van Leeuwen
Jacob Planinc
Lindell Smith

Created by


Andrew Burke (App Development and Design)
Stewart Legere (Conception, Interviewer,  Lead Editor, Dramaturg, Sound Design)
Alex McLean (Conception, Lead Interviewer, Editor, Writer, Project Leader)
Anika Riopel (Production)
James Tyson (Co-creator of the original Vista; Source Research; Impetus)


Available from May 15, 2020