Vista (App)


Vista is a walking tour that can be done anywhere: on the spot, in circles around an apartment, or on the streets in your neighbourhood. It sets out to ask big questions without losing track of the day-to-day realities faced by workers in the field of public health.

What is health? How do populations and communities stay healthy? Can cities be set up in ways that protect the health of their residents? What do such questions mean in the age of COVID-19?

Vista is an app-guided audio tour that was created at a social distance and can be experienced by participants at a social distance. Following on the heels of Zuppa’s groundbreaking 2018 production This is Nowhere, Vista asks us to think about the places we live and the processes we take for granted. It explores the daily grind of people who work in public health, as well as the general public who find themselves navigating this new world, and asks us to consider how our medical and social systems have developed and whether or not they could be different.

All you need is an Android or IOS (Apple) device and a set of headphones. Download the app and go on a journey, which can be a stroll in your neighbourhood or simply an imagined trip within your home.

Vista was born of a series of conversations with public health experts in K’jipuktuk/Halifax and Torquay, U.K., conducted in 2018. It was developed through a partnership between the International Agatha Christie Festival (Torquay) and Zuppa Theatre Co. with additional support from The Canada Council for the Arts, Halifax Regional Municipality and the Eyeview cultural programme in Torbay, England.

And then COVID-19 happened. Through a series of new interviews, an ambient soundtrack and questions of both a philosophical and factual nature, Vista attempts to navigate the space between the ideal and the practical, all at an appropriate distance.

A version of the experience is available for the deaf and hard of hearing. Instructions will be included in the app.


Created by Zuppa Theatre Co. with Andrew Burke, Kate Cayley and James Tyson

Conceived by Alex McLean and James Tyson, with Stewart Legere

Ursula Calder
Stewart Legere

App Developed and Designed by:
Andrew Burke

Sound Design:
Stewart Legere

Text by:
Kate Cayley, Alex McLean, James Tyson

Alex McLean

App Testers / Creative Advisors:
Miranda Jones
Jessica Lewis

Special Thanks to Sheila McLean and Anika Riopel for their participation in early audio testing.


The K’jipuktuk/Halifax version of Vista is part of the Mayworks festival. It will be downloadable as of May 15th 2020.

Vista premiered as part of the International Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay, England (September 12-15, 2019).

An updated version of Vista was made available in November 2019 for the Wavelength cultural programme in Torbay, England.