(currently available for participants in Torquay, England. Stay tuned for the Halifax, Nova Scotia version)

Vista is an app-guided audio tour accessible by foot or wheelchair, currently available for participants in Torquay, England. 

The app takes you on a journey reflecting upon Torquay — its histories, landscape and contemporary panoramas — in dialogue with another coastal town across the Atlantic Ocean: Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada.

By downloading the app onto an Android device or iPhone, you can follow a journey along the Torquay seafront that will take about 30-40 minutes. It can be taken alone or in small groups.

Vista contemplates questions of health and the environments that surround us. Torquay and Halifax are two places that have long existed as sites of migration: Halifax’s “Great Harbour” (Kji’puktuk) is a place of great spiritual significance for the Mi’kmaq people, while Victorians flocked to Torquay’s mild climate and warm, “healing waters” in the late nineteenth century, substantially growing the town’s population.

Through a series of recorded conversations, an ambient soundtrack and questions of both a philosophical and factual nature, Vista attempts to navigate the space between the ideal and the practical, both of which shape issues from urban design to public health in the ever-present mythology and memory of both places.

Vista was developed through a partnership between the International Agatha Christie Festival (Torquay, England) and Zuppa Theatre Co. (Halifax, Canada). It was created during an IACF residency with additional support from The Canada Council for the Arts, Halifax Regional Municipality and the Eyeview cultural programme in Torbay.  


Created by Zuppa Theatre Co. with Andrew Burke, Kate Cayley and James Tyson

Conceived by Alex McLean and James Tyson, with Stewart Legere

Ursula Calder
Stewart Legere

App Developed and Designed by:
Andrew Burke

Sound Design:
Stewart Legere

Text by:
Kate Cayley, Alex McLean, James Tyson

Alex McLean

App Testers / Creative Advisors:
Miranda Jones
Jessica Lewis

Special Thanks to Sheila McLean and Anika Riopel for their participation in early audio testing.


Vista premiered as part of the International Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay, England (September 12-15, 2019).

An updated version of Vista will be available in November 2019 for the Wavelength cultural programme in Torbay, England.

Stay tuned for the Halifax (Canada) version of Vista in 2020.