Uncle Oscar’s Experiment


Felicity Luckless is cursed… or so they say. Everywhere she goes, she brings death… or so they believe. Felicity is placed in the care of medical maverick Dr. Oscar Smitthison-Burke and his strange manservant Gregory. The doctor is convinced there is a cure for Felicity’s malchance energies and will not rest until it is found. But things start breaking, bloody procedures are performed, angels start hovering and Gregory is forced to choose between his master and his calamitous new love.

Inspired by the Grand Guignol theatre tradition, Uncle Oscar’s Experiment is a musical fantasia on the borderland between Earth and Eternity.

10th Anniversary Production
In October 2013, we are dusting off Uncle Oscar’s Experiment for a special 10th anniversary production. We’re giving it a brand new set, costume and lighting design, and adding Stewart Legere to the cast. Schedule and tickets.

The 10th Anniversary Production is sponsored by The Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Nova ScotiaArmbrae AcademyScott MoultonMcInnes CooperDee Dees Ice Cream and Yelp.

Uncle Oscar’s Experiment was the result of a commission by Two Planks and a Passion Theatre and was the Fifth Annual Theatre Extravaganza performed in August 2003 on the Tall Ship’s Quay, Halifax. It has subsequently been performed at the Osprey Theatre (Shelburne, NS), Ship’s Company Theatre (Parrsborro, NS), The North Street Church (Halifax), The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival (Toronto, ON) and The Catskill Festival of New Theatre (Highland Lake, NY, USA).

Praise for Uncle Oscar’s Experiment
“…one (one!) Of the things most impressive…is the way the actors play off each other, and the way they create such a large amount of movement in a relatively small space.” – Andrea Methot, The Coast

“The clowning is superb, the inventiveness full of imagination, and the music…is pungent and apt.” – Stephen Pederson, The Chronicle Herald

“I was deeply impressed with the company’s energy, craft, and discipline. The audience was entranced from beginning to end by the rich performances, seamless storytelling and the company’s sophisticated theatricality.” – Raymond Bobgan, Artistic Director, Cleveland Public Theatre

“A highly theatrical form, the likes of which are not to be found almost anywhere on the North American continent.” – Brad Krumholz, North American Cultural Laboratory (NaCl), New York


Felicity Luckless – Kiersten Tough*
Uncle Oscar – Stewart Legere
Gregory – Ben Stone*
The Angel – Susan Leblanc-Crawford*
Piano, 12-string, accordion, guitar, banjo – Jason Michael MacIsaac
Woodwinds, percussion – David Christensen

Written by – Zuppa Theatre Co. with Peter McBain
Composer – Jason Michael MacIsaac
Director – Alex McLean
Costume Designer – Leesa Hamilton
Lighting Designer – Jessica Lewis
Set Designer – Katherine Jenkins-Ryan
Operation Screen Designer – Joel Sullivan
Costume Builders – Cathleen MacCormack and Andrea Ritchie
Set Construction – Michael Ryan
Music Arrangement – David Christensen
Production Technician – Brian Riley
Hairstyles – Mirella Kokkinaras

Production Administrator – Kayleigh Sheehan
Poster Designer – Stephen Bishop

Production Interns – Patrick Blenkarn and Gillian Clark

Uncle Oscar’s Experiment was created in 2003 by David Christensen, Simon Henderson, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Jason Michael MacIsaac, Peter McBain, Alex McLean, Ben Stone, and Kiersten Tough, with contributions from Scott Stephenson, costume design by Sarah Irwin, and with Simon Henderson as Uncle Oscar.

*appears with the permission of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association


There are no current or upcoming productions of Uncle Oscar’s Experiment

Past Productions

October 10 – 20, 2013
Fort Massey United Church
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Uncle Oscar’s Experiment has also previously been performed in Halifax at the North Street Church and Tall Ship’s Quay. It toured to The Catskill Festival of New Theatre (NY), The Cooking Fire Theatre Festival (ON), and Ship’s Company Theatre (NS).