The Archive of Missing Things


3 levels

The Archive of Missing Things is an undercover show that takes place in public libraries. Audience members, equipped with iPads, headsets and notebooks, are sleuths attempting to decode an online mystery. Clues are everywhere – but there is only 90 minutes to solve the puzzle. Who will find the Heart of the Archive? The Archive of Missing Things was created with Trillium-Award-winning writer Kate Cayley, award-winning sound designer Brian Riley, and computer programmer Ned Zimmerman. It is a theatrical scavenger hunt through the ruins of civilization.


Written and created by Zuppa Theatre Co. with Kate Cayley

Featuring Susan Leblanc, Ben Stone and Stewart Legere
Narrated by Gabriel Leblanc
Directed by Alex McLean

Sound Design by Brian Riley
Original Music by Stewart Legere
Costumes by Andrea Ritchie

Chief Archivist Alex McLean

Artistic Apprentice: Miranda Jones
Interns: Tom Niles (Phase 3 Development); Brody Wilkinson-Martin (Phase 2 Development)


Premieres May 15 – 27, 2017.
Dalhousie University Killam Library, Halifax.

Performance Schedule

May 15 – Preview 7pm

May 16-18 – 7pm

May 20 & 21 – 11am & 3pm

May 23-25 – 7pm

May 27 – 11am & 3pm



Touring Info

Available for touring June 2017.
Agent Dani Fecko, Fascinator Management