The Door in the Wall


A late night break-in to a cabinet minister’s office. A dead body in a construction shaft. A mischievous janitor with a secret. Something unbelievable behind an elusive green door…

Inspired by the H.G. Wells short story, The Door in the Wall was an intimate performance in a large playing space, featuring a five part a capella score by Jason MacIsaac and collaborator Kiersten Tough’s debut performance with Zuppa Circus.

The workshop version of The Door in the Wall was performed at the Nova Scotia Community College for an invited audience in March 2001. The full production was performed at DanceSpace, Halifax in March 2002.


Workshop Version
Lionel Wallace: Sandy Gribbin
Supporting Characters: Nate Crawford and Susan Leblanc-Crawford
Text: the ensemble, with writing by H.G. Wells
Director: Ben Stone

Full Production
Created by: Nate Crawford, Sandy Gribbin, Simon Henderson, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Jason MacIsaac, Alex McLean, Ben Stone, Kiersten Tough
Keith: Ben Stone
Bridgette Miller: Susan Leblanc-Crawford
Lionel Wallace: Sandy Gribbin
The Garden Children: Simon Henderson and Kiersten Tough
Text: the ensemble, with writing from H.G. Wells, Arundhati Roy
Composer: Jason MacIsaac
Director: Alex McLean
Stage Manager: Lea Ambros
Slide photographs: Nicole Hill


There are no current or upcoming production of Door in the Wall

Past Productions:

February 19 – March 3, 2002
Danspace 1531 Grafton Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia