The Debacle


Always A Bridesmaid…

Since premiering in Halifax in April 2011, The Debacle was nominated for four Theatre Nova Scotia Robert Merritt Awards including Best Production; was one of only five nominees for the prestigious 2012 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Masterworks Arts Award; and was awarded bronze in The Coast’s “Best of Halifax” Reader Survey.

The Debacle has toured to Toronto as part of Nightwood Theatre’s New Groundswell Festival; Saint John, New Brunswick; Charlottetown, PEI; and the internationally renowned Festival TransAmériques in Montréal. Invigorated by the excitement of the open road, The Debacle returns to Halifax with a brand new set and lighting design.

A co-creation of actor and Zuppa Theatre Co-Artistic Director, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, and director, Ann-Marie Kerr with technical direction by Ingrid Risk, The Debacle stars Ms. LeBlanc-Crawford as Margaret, a woman desperate to freeze the memories of her dying sister following a terrible accident. It is a highly theatrical portrait of a woman facing the inevitable reality of being alone.

Festival TransAmérique, Montréal described it this way:
“Prostrate and disheveled, Margaret is surrounded by hundreds of Mason jars containing childhood secrets. She slowly opens them one by one, gradually letting go of the chaos that haunts her. Exhausted by grief, she clings to fragments of memories that evoke a family that has disappeared. She must go back in time, into the panic and terror of memory, and try to recall moments of lost innocence.”

The Debacle is sponsored and supported by The Canada Council for the ArtsNSCCHDee Dees Ice CreamArmbrae AcademyThe Brooklyn Warehouse

Praise for The Debacle
“…a brave performance that moves from comedy to pathos in the blink of an eye.” – Joel Fishbane, The Charlebois Post

“Sue Leblanc-Crawford is a marvelous actress to watch—fear, longing and loneliness pass across her face like clouds across the sun.” 
Kate Watson, The Coast

“…her physicality is strong and her concentration is fierce; yet, she conveys a warmth, humanity and humour.” 
– Elissa Barnard, The Chronicle Herald

“A tour de force one woman marvel.” – Amanda Campbell, The Way I See It


The Debacle was written and co-created by Susan Leblanc-Crawford and Ann-Marie Kerr

Margaret – Susan Leblanc-Crawford *

Director – Ann-Marie Kerr *
Set Designer – Andrew Cull
Lighting Designer and Technical Director – Ingrid Risk
Producer – Ben Stone
Assistant to Mr. Stone – Kayleigh Sheehan
Graphic Designer – Aaron Harpell of Hammerhead Designs

*appears with permission of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

Original 2011 Company
Set/Space Design – The Company
Lighting Design – Jessica Lewis
Sound – The Company
Costumes – The Company with Bonnie Archibald-Awalt
Dramaturgy – Robert Chafe
Poster Design – Stephen Bishop of
Administrator – Ben Stone
Running Crew – Deo Morris, Ben Stone
Production and Director’s Assistants – Bonnie Archibald-Awalt and Matt Peach
Volunteers/Inters – Deo Morris, Courtney Lair, Elizabeth Anne McCarthy, Keelin Jack and Stewart Legere


There are no current or upcoming productions of The Debacle

Past Productions:

Saint John Theatre Company, Saint John, New Brunswick, June 2012
Festival TransAmerique, Montreal, Quebec, June 2012
Nightwood Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, December 2011
Contact East, Charlottetown, PEI, October 2011
The Debacle premiered in April, 2011 at the Plutonium Playhouse in Halifax.