Junk Zuppa


Piko the Brave is the under-appreciated servant of Marsha Slagmire, proprietor of the unsurpassed clearing house of trash: Slagmire’s Junk Emporium. Piko longs to escape the confines of the junkyard and when a space ship crash-lands one afternoon, he finds himself and his strange alien accomplice plotting a glorious escape.

The Fourth Annual Street Theatre Extravaganza is for all ages.


Created by: Simon Henderson, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Alex McLean, Kiersten Tough, Ben Stone, Jason MacIsaac
Piko: Simon Henderson
Keekla: Kiersten Tough
Marsha: Susan Leblanc-Crawford
Text: Ben Stone and the ensemble
Director: Ben Stone
Composer: Jason MacIsaac and the ensemble
Stage Manager: Lea Ambros
Production Assistant: Sandy Gribbin


There are no current or upcoming productions of Junk Zuppa

Past Productions

June 28 – Aug 5, 2002
Summit Place, Halifax Waterfront
Halifax, Nova Scotia