Duck Zuppa


The Third Annual Zuppa Circus Street Theatre Extravaganza is a fast-paced stilt show for all ages. Fleur, the young magician, helps save Roland the Uberduck from the relentless profiteer Nigel Nettlesworth. Nigel hits the jackpot when he finds Roland’s nest and steals two of the Uberduck’s eggs. Fleur must cast a potentially hazardous spell to save Roland’s unborn young, but she will need the help of the audience to make it happen.



Created by: Sandy Gribbin, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Alex McLean, Ben Stone
Fleur: Susan Leblanc-Crawford
Nigel Nettlesworth: Ben Stone
Roland: Sandy Gribbin
Text: Alex McLean and the ensemble
Director: Alex McLean
Stilt Training: Ker Wells


There are no current or upcoming productions of Duck Zuppa

Past Productions:

June 19 – August 19, 2001
Summit Place, IWK Hospital for Sick Children, Halifax International Buskers Festival
Halifax, Nova Scotia