Between Wonder and Amusement Uncle Oscar was Silent


This is the story of a king. This is the story of a hunchback. This is the story of a scientist, his robot boy and the unluckiest girl in the world. Three stories rooted in three different theatrical traditions. A Greek tragedy about a war waged to combat famine. A morality play about a persecuted freak, convinced that an award awaits him in Heaven. And a melodrama about invasive medical science.

Inspired by D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking Horse Winner and the first Zuppa Circus company workshop with Phillipe Gaulier, Between Wonder and Amusement featured the ensemble’s first collaboration with a writer. Peter McBain developed the script alongside and in response to the creative work of the ensemble.

Following its initial run, the show was developed further, eventually becoming Uncle Oscar’s Experiment. Between Wonder and Amusement, Uncle Oscar Was Silent was commissioned by Two Planks and a Passion Theatre and was performed at the North Street Church in December 2002.


Created by: Simon Henderson, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Jason MacIsaac, Peter McBain, Alex McLean, Ben Stone, Kiersten Tough
The Storyteller: Susan Leblanc-Crawford
The King, Xenophobic Townsperson, Gregory: Ben Stone
The General, Paul the Hunchback, Uncle Oscar: Simon Henderson
The Queen, Xenophobic Townsperson, Felicity Luckless: Kiersten Tough
Piano, mandolin: Jason MacIsaac
Woodwinds, percussion, guitar: David Christensen
Writer: Peter McBain
Composer: Jason MacIsaac
Director: Alex McLean
Production Assistants: Christine Oakey and Lea Ambros


There are no current or upcoming productions of Between Wonder and Amusement Uncle Oscar was Silent.

Past Productions:

December 8 – 22, 2002
North Street Church
Halifax, Nova Scotia