Pop-Up Love Party Production Photos Online Now

Mel Hattie, documentary storyteller, photographed the world premiere of Pop-Up Love Party. Read “Zuppa Theatre’s Pop-Up Love Party at Lion and Bright in Halifax” below, or at melhattie.com. View photos here, or at melhattie.com.

Eros, philia, love and desire served up in a seven-course snacks menu designed by a Michelin-starred chef while Zuppa Theatre reinvents a live and interactive version of Plato’s Symposium.

Make up for every liberal arts course you never took in university by attending this carnal feast/rock star party.  I promise you’ll learn a word or two of Greek, and partake in many toasts. Bring some embarrassing stories of your own about love to share – you might just get the chance. Also: Who doesn’t love projections paired with good food and entertainment? Check out their website for more information.  Shows have been selling out daily, but tickets are still available to buy here.

Don’t forget to tip the amazing venue staff of Lion & Bright who’ll keep you rich in spirits all night long.