Play With Us at the Zuppa Theatre Co. Sport and Social!

Zuppa Theatre Co.’s annual Sport & Social is like the school fair of old. We have classic games like Chicken Toss and Duck-of-War, and modern international games like Ping Pong and Foosball.

Saturday, March 19 at 8:00 pm in the Gym at Armbrae Academy, 1400 Oxford St., Halifax.

Tickets are $10 and that gets you 10 game tickets too! Your company, class, pack, colony, cloud, flutter, band, pod, mob or brood can also buy 10 tickets for just $60. Buy online.

Cash bar. Drink and be merry!

For Kids 19+

Duck-Of-War: two players blow through a straw, moving rubber ducks down of a long water tub and back to win.
Chicken Toss: two players throw rubber chickens and try to get them to land in milk crates 30 feet away.
Ping Pong: every one needs to play Susan Leblanc. It’s her very favourite game, and the chance comes but once a year.
Billiard Bowling: two players try to knock down one colour of pins and not the other.
Foosball: based on the Brazilian games “totó”, “pebolim” and “fla-flu”.
Pie Eating Contest: teams of two sign waiver forms and eat a pie, preferably as quickly as possible.

Sponsored by: Garrison Brewing Co., YellowTail, Home Grown Organic Foods, Armbrae Academy, Village Sound, and M-Home.