Zuppa Summer Workshop Series

The Zuppa Summer Workshop Series ran annually from 2014 through 2016. Our summers then got busier, so the program is currently on hold.

For information on Zuppa training options, please contact info@zuppatheatre.com.

The Zuppa Summer Workshop Series

We want every experience of the theatre to be electric. We love shows that buzz, acting that explodes, words that rattle, ideas that crackle, music that flies. We aim to teach skills and strategies that we have honed over nearly 20 years of creating award-winning shows, along with an appetite for that elusive spark that keeps theatre alive.

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Zuppa Theatre Co. Summer Workshop Series Trailer from Zuppa Theatre on Vimeo.

Seek Electricity!

A Two-Week Acting Intensive

How are audiences captivated, texts animated, characters and scenarios brought to life? What can an actor do to light up the stage?

Seek Electricity is designed for excited, aspiring actors and seasoned pros looking for increased voltage. Our approach to performance combines concentrated physical and vocal training, a spirit of restless play, and detailed work with text and action.

We will explore techniques that we have applied across different genres and in theatres as small as living rooms and as large as the expansive outdoors. Electric theatre can go in many directors, but it begins for us with the enduring art of the actor.

You must find the spark before you can search for The Missing Theatre.

The Missing Theatre

A Two-Week Theatre-Making Intensive

How do you make a show as a group?

For 18 years we have worked to find the best answer to this question. Ideal for actors, directors, and writers, this workshop introduces techniques, exercises, and games that enhance the collaborative process. We encourage surprise and risk-taking coupled with craft and rigour. The Missing Theatre is for aspiring theatre creators looking for new methods to employ and rules to break. After extensive coaching, students will be handed the creative reins, culminating in the presentation of a series of short performances.

There have been a zillion types of theatre. But one is missing – the one you make.

The Missing Theatre is open only to participants (past or present) of Seek Electricity.

Praise for the Summer Workshop Series

“Every day was full of surprise, laughter, challenges, reflection and growth. It was so refreshing … to gain new insight into how theatre can be approached.” – Erin Johnston, 2013 and 2015 participant

“It changed the way I think about cultivating space and people on stage.” – Patrick Blenkarn, 2013 participant

“I never left a class or an exercise feeling defeated. It was always constructive and positive and beneficial.” – Schoel Strang, 2014 participant

“A highlight of my summer. I found it helpful in inspiring the search for honesty when performing. It was also really nice to have a safe space to find a comfort with using the whole body.” – Gillian Clark, 2013 participant

“The exercises and activities really suited my needs.” – Priscilla Siu, 2014 participant and McCain Scholarship recipient

“Everyone should do it. I mean that. Whether you’re an architect, a singer, painter, trombonist, lawyer, actor, director, teacher, take this workshop. It will teach you so much about yourself as a creative force.” – Lily Ross-Millard, 2015 participant