Back From Wales With Five Easy Steps (to the end of the world)

Zuppa Theatre Co.’s Five Easy Steps (to the end of the world) returns from its world premiere in Cardiff, Wales.

Three actors. An original musical score. The last night on Earth?

In the midst of a shop’s dusty backroom, three aging school friends have assembled to bid farewell to the world on the night of its supposed end. They share various reflections, insights and confessions as the fateful moment approaches. Five Easy Steps is about failed dreams and nostalgia, world-weariness and the apocalyptic appetite.

Five Easy Steps garnered high acclaim from Welsh audiences who had the following unsolicited comments to share:
“That was brilliant… your Cardiff audience loved it. Bloody nice one.”

“…tonight reignited my passion for theatre. It was thrilling to be there…”

“…I’m not really sure if I found it funny or sad or frightening, or maybe all of the above, but it definitely left an impression on me… thank you.”

Read Carefully.

Signs of the world coming to an end are rampant all over Europe!!! See the many photos brought back from our trip in our Facebook group photo album!!

Believe the prophets, the end of the world is coming to Halifax on October 26!!!!

Warn your neighbours! Print out any one (or more) of the posters available on our Facebook group and post it in your home or office window; make them your Facebook profile photos:

Get ready. Let the world know.

The End is Nigh.