10th Anniversary production of Uncle Oscar’s Experiment October 10-20th!

We are happy to announce that our hit show Uncle Oscar’s Experiment will be ressurected for a special 10th Anniversary Edition production! Originally created in 2003, the show is about Felicity Luckless – a girl who brings bad luck to everything and everyone she encounters. Part clown show, part musical and part grand guignol bloody melodrama, Uncle Oscar’s Experiment will play to audiences in Halifax October 10-20th at Fort Massey United Church on Tobin and Queen St.

Felicity Luckless is cursed… or so they say. Everywhere she goes, she brings death… or so they believe. Felicity is placed in the care of medical maverick Dr. Oscar Smitthison-Burke and his strange manservant Gregory. The doctor is convinced there is a cure for Felicity’s malchance energies and will not rest until it is found. But things start breaking, bloody procedures are performed, angels start hovering and Gregory is forced to choose between his master and his calamitous new love.

Inspired by the Grand Guignol theatre tradition, Uncle Oscar’s Experiment is a musical fantasia on the borderland between Earth and Eternity.

Joining the original creative team for this new production will be Stewart Legere (playing Dr.Oscar Smithison-Burke), Jess Lewis (lighting designer), Katherine Jenkins-Ryan (set designer), Leesa Hamilton (costume designer), Cathleen MacCormack (costume builder) and Brian Riley (technician).

Uncle Oscar’s Experiment previews October 9 and then plays October 10-20th. All shows at 8pm. There is also a matinee at 2pm on October 19th.

Tickets are available at uncleoscar.eventbrite.com or by calling 489-9872

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